I'm 39 and a bit, living in beautiful Norfolk with my partner of almost 19 years - Andrew and my working cocker spaniel, Effie who is 2. We love walking holidays, especially in Jersey - Channel Islands, which has become our second home the last few years. When I'm not on a walking holiday, you will find me on a beach somewhere hot. My Stepson and his girlfriend moved to Wales a few years ago so we visit Wales a couple of times a year and are slowly falling in love with it there.

Otherwise, I'm pretty much a home bird. I love our home here on the Norfolk/ Cambridgeshire border and we are always doing some sort of project on the house.

We are currently in the middle of converting a Nissan Primestar van into a camper so we can visit some more of the UK over the next few years. We are really enjoying the build and we haven't argued much... yet!

I love a boxset marathon and always happy to receive suggestions of great shows. Self-confessed Buffy The Vampire Slayer super fan! My inner 15 year old still loves the Backstreet Boys and I may or may not sing along to Busted on full volume on my way to weddings... Don't judge me.


Being at the beach and being outdoors. I think this shows through my work, as I seem to attract like-minded couples. So you will see lots of beach and woodland shoots on my social media pages, as this is where I tend to gravitate towards. I love the space of being outside and the everchanging light. Rain doesn't even worry me or put me off.


I was bought my first camera in 2013 & I had no idea where it would lead. Over the years I have tried many types of photography but my true love lies with couples & weddings. I really try to capture the essence of who you are as a couple and document the day as it happens.
So why Rose? Rose was my late nan, who I never got to know but I have a load of photos of her so it seemed appropriate to use her name when thinking of my business. And yes people call me Rose all the time but that's ok!


Top two images by Darina Stoda