Aaron and Jimmy got married in September 2021. They chose a colourful theme for their day and asked their guests to wear colours of the LGBTQ+ flag. I just had to write a blog about this wedding as every detail was executed to reflect their personalities and is a perfect example of how you should do your wedding YOUR way.

Aaron and Jimmy found me on Instagram and enquired through my website and as soon as I met them on zoom, I knew they were special people. We all hit it off so well and I was so excited for their wedding day. Sadly Covid played it's hand 48 hours before their day and I was unable to shoot the wedding. But with a plan in place, my industry bestie Emma Shaw stepped in as associate shooter.

Aaron and Jimmy took this news so well and were so understanding, making Emma feel just as welcome as they would have done me.

Thank you guys.

So have a scroll down and see how amazing their day looked.

Photography by Emma Shaw and edited by me.

Aaron and Jimmy chose The Missing Sock in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. A quirky venue in the ideal location for all their friends and family to get to.

They married in an outdoor ceremony surrounded by their friends and family. They also live streamed the wedding to all the friends and family who couldn't be there. (I also watched from home and whooped with glee when they were announced married).

The wonderful thing about and outdoor ceremony is the space we as photographers have to move around. It meant Emma could get lots of candid shots of the guests during the ceremony.

I've said it before and I will keep saying it. If you want a good confetti shot you needs LOADS of the stuff. Probably more than you think. I always recommend Dollz Confetti and it's where Aaron and Jimmy ordered their dried petal confetti and the shots are awesome. I always line guests up in two rows and ask the couple to walk down the middle towards me as I walk backwards. Emma did the same here and I just love these images.

The wedding cake could have a blog of it's own. They went against all tradition and I can honestly say I've never seen a wedding cake like theirs. When they first met, they bonded over a love of Star Trek, so they chose a cake to reflect this and how awesome is this?

No white frosting in sight! Cake was made by Beckys Cake Bakes on Instagram and Facebook.

Shoes! Can we talk about the shoes from Embassy London.

Aaron and Jimmy asked their guests to come wearing bright colours and colours of the LGBTQ+ flag and they did not disappoint. These are some of my favourites.

Speeches are a great part of a wedding. The reactions we can capture is just a joy. Again as there was lots of space outside Emma was able to get lots of different angles and candid photos of the guests again.

And then it was time for dancing the night away.

There was no first dance planned but their guests had a surprise in store so they took to the floor as a married couple for the first time.

Congratulations Aaron and Jimmy.

Thanks for reading.