Back in the day when I was still wet behind the ears and very new to photography, I was on my own a lot. I didn't have many or any friends in the industry and I actually believed as a sole business owner that's just the way it was going to be. After all - every other photographer out there, especially if local is my competition, right? Wrong!

Since making industry pals and networking, my biz has propelled massively and has opened up way more opportunities for me. It's how I have met people to second shoot with and we all need other photographers to recommend when we can't do specific wedding date.

I attended a teaching session many years ago and honestly, I didn't enjoy it at all. It wasn't well run, and the lead photographer made snide comments about the camera I was using (which was very basic and second hand because I was new and still learning). I still remember feeling like I was the only one who didn't know what I was doing, and no one was very welcoming. It wasn't the fault of the course, I just booked the wrong type of learning for me and more importantly with the wrong type of people.

Fast forward to now and because of this I want to create a friendly space for like-minded people to meet up, shoot and have a bloody good laugh. I'm all about creating a safe space for people to ask any questions to the group, without judgement. It is predominantly for content building but I'm as open as they come so you can ask me anything. It's for brand new photographers who have never taken couples portraits or for any photographer who wants to come and network and eat cake (yes there is usually cake at the end).

Once all group tickets are sold, I add you all to an Instagram private group chat so you can all chat and "meet" before the day. I think this helps dispel any nerves if you have any. It's an expectation that on the day everyone is welcoming and supports and encourages each other as much as possible.

I get lots of messages from new photographers, asking how I get relaxed pictures of couples. So I am launching my couples "non-posing" sessions. I say non-posing but obviously there is a knack to getting these images as people will need prompting and directing.

In these coaching sessions I will do a live shoot with a real couple to show how I shoot and direct people with an opportunity to shoot alongside me and then on your own or in pairs (depending on how large a group attends).

While shooting you can ask me or the group anything.

Always outdoors, whatever the weather and always in Norfolk. Will last up to 3 hours.

Posing session dates as follows:

Tuesday 11th October 2022

13:00 at Sandringham Woods - Norfolk

£120 per person


November date pending


Please note this will NOT be a wedding shoot / styled shoot. This is couple's content.

Ideal for new photographers, wanting to build confidence and a portfolio. Or for any photographer wanting to brush up on their prompting skills and create new content.

Images taken by attendees can be used on their social media and websites if they so desire.

Shooting with no props and no fancy equipment - just bring your camera.

(Price will depend on if I am using props such as smoke bombs or a stylist and depending on the cost of the models).





previous sessions

English Rose Photography - Romy said

Being quite new to the photography business, I needed some confidence posing couples naturally & god did I get it! The next day I went off on my own with a couple I had never met & my feedback was UNREAL. The photos are great & they have booked me for a maternity shoot. So if you need a bit more confidence, I 1000% recommend.

JSN Photography - Jono said

I attended a couples non posing session with Shell. It was a really fantastic afternoon & great to only see how Shell works but also a brilliant opportunity to network with other photographers. The weather wasn't the best but we got through it and it made for a fun shoot. I got some shots I'm really happy with which I can use on my social media and website. This session has really boosted my confidence when posing couples. I highly recommend attending one & I will looking to do so again in the future.

Holly Hambling Photography - Holly said

Wow! Where do I start. This was the first workshop that I had ever attended and although I am super confident & a chatty person, turning up knowing nobody was a little daunting! Straight away Shell made me feel completely at ease & was just really 'Real' with us all which created the most amazing, supportive, safe & friendly atmosphere. Shell allowed us to watch as she worked, posing & encouraging the couple to create movement, the whole time sharing loads of tips with us all. It was AMAZING, I learnt so much! The photographs that I captured have boosted my portfolio & from those images, I have booked a 2023 wedding!!! WOW!

CharleyHaywood Photography - Charley said

"I attended the couples posing session (in April) and had the best afternoon surrounded by other amazing & supportive photographers. Everyone was more than happy to help each other & Shell was the best mentor. She keeps it fun and informative & I learnt how to prompt couples during a shoot. She also gave us lots of little tips and tricks that I would never have thought of, to make the shoot run smoothly. I would highly recommend attending one of these sessions. I want to do it all over again"


Shell was great! She showed us how she interacts with the couple and gives them nice and easy to follow prompts. I really enjoyed myself and was so happy to receive a little card with all the prompts on after the session. It was also nice to have a go at practicing some posing in pairs.

Thank you!